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Catching Stars

"sic it or ad astra" Virgil

(And so this is the way to the stars)

As I walked through this portal, I could hear the lady of the moon's voice. She was so full of life and had laughter in her cadence. It was absolutely magical. She invited me to play with her and shared the following message as I was about to leave:

"Come, come play with me. Come follow me into this world of dreams yet to be realized. Listen to the sound of the wind chasing fireflies. Hear the laughter in the stars as they scatter far and


I am here to remind you of your inner child; the wide eyed innocence we carry in our hearts. I am here to show the joy there is in simply being.

So come chase me, catch me if you can, I dare you. And then laugh to the point you can't breathe. Lay down on the soft grass and take a nap. Dream the dreams of the wild, the pure, the unrestrained. Love with all that you are. Wake up to the music in your heart. Dance to the rhythm of your soul. For there is nothing more beautiful than the life you breathe. Nothing radiates more joy than the smile you carry in your eyes.

You are the world, the stars, the galaxy. You are everything you have always wanted to be. So open your heart wide and let your imagination take flight. Run with me, wild into the night. Catch those stars. Let go of them and watch them float back into the night. Star wishes are like dreams. They come and go, they play, change colors, fade and fill your body with light. They are the eternal chasers and weavers. They are the beginning of the journey, the end and the entire way. So let go of expectations and come twirl with me through space. I bet we can have a lot of fun.

Do you dare?"

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