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Fairy Cove

Come sit with us, my darling. Sit and stay.

This is a moment of peace where we can talk to your soul, where we can refuel your passion. Here we give new meaning to the light that is you.

So sit a moment with us.

Close your eyes and open your heart wide. Let us in to show you the way. Let us remind you of the playfulness in your heart. Close your eyes and let go of the heavy burden you carry. Open your heart and let our music rejuvenate, let us bring you life and joy.

We want to touch your soul. We want to live in your heart. We want to be the first light of the day and the twinkling stars as you fall asleep. We want to sing in your laughter and soothe your pains at the end of the day.

So sit and stay a while.

Close your eyes and dream the dream we bring you.

Breathe for a moment or two.

And then take in the fragrance of the music we have composed especially for you.


What is a portal? It's a gateway into another dimension. There you will be able to meet guides and loved ones, receive special messages, find your true self and receive some healing. To find out more about what portals are and what they can do for you please read this post.

Would you like me to design a Portal to Heaven for you? Just click the button below to set up an appointment.


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