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Gratia Plena (Full of Grace)

Updated: Jan 21

Once I completed work on this portal I decided to spend some time in it. I was in awe at the magic I saw there. I turned around and saw Mother Mary walking out from behind the tree . I couldn't believe my eyes . She was just so beautiful . She didn't really speak to me but as I left the portal I knew I had to name it "Gratia Plena". A few days later, I channeled the following message:

"The sun is setting and he curls up against his mother, settling in after another day of adventure. His mother makes life magical. She conjures up pirates sailing on the seven seas and pixies dancing upon the garden leaves. He knows the secret of the secret of the secret: moms are full of wonder. They have magic in their fingertips and in every strand of hair. They make life beautiful and so full of light. He closes his eyes and snuggles in tighter. She smells like dreams and wishes come true. He instinctively knows that she will always be his path to home. It is through her that he will always understand that he is safe; that he can be everything; that he is the sunrise and sunset. That he is part of the magic that is she.

Oh my little man. Never loose the joy, the wonder, the adventure that is you. Never forget that through you I have learned to love and see magic glow. Never lose the power of imagining a world full of glorious stories just waiting to happen. You have the power of lighting the candles of possibility. You transform what is mundane and give it meaning. You make my life so much fun. My wish for you is that you continue to do that not only for others but for yourself. Create reasons to continue life. Teach how to bring happiness to this world. Talk about our adventures. Recreate this cozy little moment that you and I share in silence every night before you close your eyes. You have made me all that I am. My love, my absolute wonder is to watch you smile, to hear your voice in your laughter and to know that your essence will go on forever."

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