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Today I woke up with this thought on my mind. I instantly knew that it was connected to the portal I created several weeks ago but had been unable to channel any information for it. Things happen when the time is perfectly right. Today the message was clear and simply perfect!

"On a morning of sadness and tears I looked away from the fire of destruction. My heart could no longer bleed from the loss. My life could no longer shiver and shake as the earthquake of ends took over.

So I closed my eyes and stepped into a new beginning.

I stepped into the world of dreams. Into pink skies and sparkling water. There I saw a new world. There I saw a new life. There I felt at home. It is a dream of love and innocence. A dream of what can be and what is. It is the possibility and the reality.

We are here to witness the end of all that was. But most importantly, we are here to dream of what is possible.

So every tear needs to be outshined by a smile. Every cry of despair needs to be paired with hope. Every night of darkness needs to give rise to sunny skies. The noise will die down. And in its stead there will be birth. There will be beauty. And joy and laughter.

We are the possibility. We are the rebirth. We are here to bridge all that was and all that can be. So don’t let death bring you down. Instead watch the flowers blooming on naked branches. Watch the burst of color eliminate the gray.

There is beauty in black and white but there is glory in full life!"


What is a portal? It's a gateway into another dimension. There you will be able to meet guides and loved ones, receive special messages, find your true self and receive some healing. To find out more about what portals are and what they can do for you please read this post.

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