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Updated: Jan 21

"According to the dictionary rapture means "intense pleasure or joy". But there is an older meaning to this word that comes from Medieval Latin. “Raptura" means to be carried

away or seized. We, however, have memories from the beginning of time and as such we can remember when rapture was not a word or collection of sounds. We can remember a beautiful soul that gave birth to that word. We can take you to a dimension where rapture is a state of being.

So what would you say is rapture? Rapture is the feeling you get when the morning comes and the sun rises bringing warmth and color back into your life. It's the joy that has taken residence deep in your soul and that remains there for all of the days yet to come. It's an eternal dance of unconditional love.

Now you may wonder why it is important to understand the etymology of this word. Because in this word you find laughter. You feel love. You see a star that shines so bright, it makes the sun look pale. It is warmth. It is pure joy. And you, you are this light.

Here, take our hand dear girl and join us as we fly together to Heaven. There you will see you as you were always meant to be. You will see yourself as we do. Your power lies in the awakening of joy in others. You are the one who can show them all that is possible. But don't forget dear one, that to make the moon glow, your sun must always shine. You may not fully remember who you are but we can assure you, we do. You are sweet, you are beauty, you are ecstasy. Your name sweet girl comes from the very feeling we speak of. You are and will always be the bringer of light.

So look away from the darkness for that is all an illusion you have created to hide all that is bright in you. Embrace yourself and allow your soul to soar. Be free, dear one. Be you. Be the pure delight you know you are. Remember the name you hold in this realm of angels. Remember who you are: our dearest girl, our sweet Raptura."

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