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The Gingerbread House

Updated: Jan 6

This is the land of gingerbread dreams and candy cane wishes.

This is a space for the joy that you are.

Here we play in laughter. We craft snowmen as friends. Reindeer and polar bears too.

Love can be plucked from the trees. It's hidden in every nook and cranny of this

old house. But it's in plain view too. So close your eyes and feel the warmth in the snow because nothing is ever just one thing. It is everything. And it all leads back to just the one we all are.

Sound complicated? Then grab some chocolate. Because there is no great philosophy that can't be integrated into our souls without the help of sweets that melt in our mouths and permeates our lives.

Share sticky kisses and hug those you love tight. Today can only be lived once. But it will be relived and remembered for all of eternity so make it count.

Bring happiness to where you thought there was sadness. Shine light upon the dark - I promise you will find some magic hidden in those dust bunny filled corners. Listen to the laughter that plays like the chiming of bells.

Yes, step into this gingerbread house of magic and dreams.

Open the memory filled presents under the tree. You will feel the blessing of today and everyday if only you let your imagination run free.

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