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The Guardian

Updated: Jan 21

"This is a story of love. A love that transcends time and space. It tells the story of once upon a time and happily ever after because in truth love never comes to an end. Love is like that bright shining star upon a midnight clear. It's the gentle sway of a breeze that envelops like the touch of a caring lover. It's the soft touch of a petal in an adoring kiss. It guides. It keeps you safe. It is the dream, the wish come true. Because this is where we all came from and where we all are headed. Love is the alchemic source to all things physical. Love is joy, beauty and laughter. Love is pure creative force.

Here, my princess sits in a garden of wishes. She is aware of a presence but has yet to look up and see what's around her. On her lap is an embroidery she is working on. That is her way of telling her story of love. In it she imbues all of her desires and the beauty that she knows is possible with the fulfillment of true, unconditional love. Her beauty shines upon her as she comes to know all the happiness that surrounds her.

The guardian stands behind her, watching with complete adoration. Outside the garden the waves seem rough. But no harm will ever come to her. The guardian stands firm and keeps his promise to always keep the princess safe. His love is shelter and warmth. His love is magical. It is because of that love that she will always be able to reach out to him, no matter where he is.

Every story creates a portal. I simply give it form and color. Anyone who looks upon this will feel like they are stepping into a dream. A dream that is more real than this world we live in. These portals are the work of light and joy. Their energy transforms and heals. They are a physical reminder that you are on the right path. Happily ever afters are always within our reach. They are the north star to our ships lost in the vast oceans of the universe. They will always bring us home, to the safe embrace of the one we love."

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