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The Portal to Heaven

Wondering what a portal is? Here is some information about my personal experiences with portals and what it can do for you.

When I was a little girl, I would dream of worlds just beyond my reach. I would spend hours creating stories, listening and learning. When I was little I would use these imaginary worlds as gateways to dimensions I never knew existed. I was the fairy princess. The mistress of poems. The queen of laughter... I was me and so much more.

One day however, as is bound to happen to most little ones, I grew up. And in growing up I closed the doors on the Imaginary. I let go of childish pursuits; I became an adult.

No, don't think of this as a sad thing. Because it is important to become an adult. I wanted to grow up and pursue many things I couldn't as a child. I closed the doors on my fairytale realms but I never forgot their existence. That door would crack open from time to time to let out dreams and stories untold. It still whispered in my ear as I slept through the night. And in still listening as I dreamed, I had children, I found love and so much happiness. I shared my life with so many and I learned to always love deeply and with abandon. Were there tears? Of course! Were there moments where I felt like life wasn't worth the heart ache? Yes. I lost love. I lost myself quite a few times in this tangled road we call life. But at the end of the day I always found I had a soft place to fall.

Those were the moments when I found that door opening up wide. I would get lost in color and light. I would create where there once was nothing. Soon I realized that I no longer closed that door when I left. It was always open… So I decided to invite it into my daily life. As you may suspect, that door, that gateway, that portal is my very own place in heaven.

“In heaven?” you may ask: Yes, heaven. Don't think of heaven as a place you go to when you die. Heaven is a place to retreat. It is the place you go to, to feel whole. It is a place where you find your true self. There you can dream. You can create the life you always wanted to live. There you will find love unconditional. You will see those who have long left their earthly bodies behind. There you can take a deep breath and leave all the weight you have been carrying in your heart behind. You will meet fairies and angels. You will hear mermaids singing the song of the sea. You will come to understand the true purpose of life, the longer you spend time in there. When you walk away from your portal, it is with hope. You understand that you too are loved. And worthy. And so, so special. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have a purpose, that you do matter and you can make a difference.

So go back out into the world and show the love that you are. Shine your light on to this earth and remember that whenever you need to or feel like you just want to, your portal to heaven will always be there for you.

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