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The Story of Love

Updated: Apr 17

Love. It reaches down to the depths of the earth and flies up into the brightest of skies.

It is high. It is low. Hot. And cold. It is everything and nothing at all.

It is a hand holding you so you cannot fall. It is the push you needed to leave behind what was always known and start something new. It is bold.

It is bright. It contains the heat of fire and the firmness of ice. It is polar opposites but one in all.

Love confounds and liberates. Love grows and morphs and becomes something you have never seen before.

Love is taking a deep breath and feeling magic in the exhale.

Love is a journey and a coming home.

It is a fairytale wrapped in a mundane existence. Love is joy.

Love may be expressed in tears. Love is a simple speck of light that despite what the world defines it to be, is able to make a dark room shine bright. Love knows no reasoning. It can't be quantified by science. Or summarized by a mathematical equation.

Love is organic and radiates despite all the theories in a color wheel. Love can't be analyzed. It belongs to the realm of emotion. It is expressed and never debated. It is poetry and just random words.

Or no words at all.

It's silence that quietly penetrates leaving a raging storm behind…

Love is one life, or no life at all. Love is what binds us. And sets us free. It is the beginning, middle and end. It’s found in no time at all. It transcends space. And time.

And you and me.

And yet our story speaks of the love that we share. The love that we spread. We tell the story of what has been and will be because you and I, we have no end. We are here now but we can also be found in the four corners of the world. I inhale what you exhale; you are the shore I swim to when I know nowhere else to go. You are the adventure and the peace sought at the end of a busy day. You are my guide, my destiny and all that I never

knew to be.

And because of you, I know what love is.


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