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The Underwater Library

We are all fascinated by portals. Art especially is inundated by them. Some are books that take us back in time or into alternate universes. Others are movies. But there is always a story attached to it. Now imagine if you were the protagonist of your own portal. Imagine yourself stepping through a mirror or walking through a tunnel and ending up in a world that is completely new, completely different from the one you live in. In this world you find yourself, a better version of yourself that shows you all that is possible in your life. There you become atemporal. You are your past, your present and your future. You realize that in coming into this space, you soar, you are magical, you are infinite wonder and your adventures are just about to begin. There is no need to know where this adventure is taking you because the magic is in the knowing it’s about to arrive. You can feel it in your heart: that excitement, that joy, that sense of knowing that this will be a moment you will cherish for the rest of your days. Except that this is not a one and done deal. You have the key that forever opens this portal. That forever allows you access to the beginning of an adventure. Every time you step into this portal you become more. You are more you than you have ever been. You are more loved. You are more joyful. You are full of dreams. And when you come back into your reality, you bring all of this with you because it is impossible not to. Portals are accessible to all if you simply allow your imagination to take flight.

While in Brazil, I heard a portal calling to me. When I sat down to explore it, I found myself in an underwater library. The librarian was frantically pulling books off shelves (it was behind a counter) and he looked at me and said “you have questions, I’ve got answers”. Since then I have found myself in that library numerous times. I ALWAYS get the answers to the questions I ask. It’s an amazing experience every single time I’m there.

You too can access portals. The magic, the key to happiness… It is your birthright. The work I do simply brings portals into this reality. It helps you step into this other world by creating a reminder. It’s an image to focus on, to start your adventure of exploring what is possible. Every time you look at it, it lets you know you are loved and your life is indeed full of enchantment. Allow it to fill your heart with hope and you will see that your life is a wonderful place to be.


What is a portal? It's a gateway into another dimension. There you will be able to meet guides and loved ones, receive special messages, find your true self and receive some healing. To find out more about what portals are and what they can do for you please read this post.

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