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The Voyager

Sometimes it takes revisiting the past to heal wounds you didn’t even know you had. That is precisely what happened to me.

I went on vacation to visit family. I had no idea what that trip had in store for me. I knew I would have fun. I knew I would love being with my relatives. But what I didn't know was that in talking about past events I would find forgiveness, healing and even greater love for those I chose to be family in this lifetime.

You see, I had suffered a great amount of bullying as a child and teenager due to an undiagnosed condition (depression and anxiety). It began with the very people who should have been protecting me: the adults. And the children in the family picked up on it and also bullied me. Even though when I think of those years, I still see so many happy memories, I have always been haunted by the labels I was given in those days: “difficult child", “moody", "grumpy", “lazy". Until the day I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and started taking medication, I truly believed I was what I had been labeled as. It was only when the medication balanced out the chemicals in my brain, that I realized I wasn’t difficult, gimpy, moody or lazy. And this happened only as I was about to turn 40.

So here we are, 10 years later and I'm thinking that all the hurt from the past had healed and I was a different person. But it took this one trip and two people apologizing for their past behaviors to realize those wounds were still there. It wasn't until I heard the words

"I'm sorry" that I felt this weight come off my shoulders and suddenly became much lighter. I found that because of those simple words I forged closer relationships with those involved in the bullying as well as those who were unaware of its existence but somehow got lumped into some of that drama.

I now see that this was the most important aspect of this trip. I made so many wonderful memories, bumped into an amazing portal but most importantly, I came back feeling stronger and more "myself" than I ever have been. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this was one of those spiritually transformative journeys. I have found that my intuition has become clearer, my "clairs" more on point and that I'm generally more positive about life.

For those of you who know me well, you may wonder "but weren’t you all that before?” And my answer is yes. But it was like I was a dirty window that just needed some cleaning. You can still see the outside really well but once clean, the outside just seems to sparkle. It's kind of an abrasive experience.

I am now back home. Ready to work and create beautiful portals. I am ready to fully step into myself and live the life I was always supposed to live. How about you? Are you ready to forgive and give those in your past a second chance? Are you ready to step into who you really are?

Bridging the life you live (your "now" in this three dimensional world) with love everlasting (the other side of the veil) is exactly where and how we are all supposed to live. Take a moment, take a deep breath and then come be a voyager with me. Together we will forge new adventures, new paths and transmute pain into pure and simple happiness.

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