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The Wizard's Family

Updated: Jan 14

I know you feel a little empty. That's because we were working so close together that it was like our minds were one. Your hand and mine were seamlessly bound as one and there was very little difference to where your imagination ended and mine began. In reality for the amount of time you worked, we were completely merged. And yes what you just thought did happen: there were many other artists supporting you as you created. They stood right by you even though you were unaware of them at that time. But it was my energy that merged with yours. So when you were done and stepped away from your creation, so did I. You went from being emotional, to ecstatic to feeling a bit empty. Well of course you had to feel empty. Nobody left you but when you are being surrounded by that much energy and then we back away, even if it is just one step, you will feel like we are gone.

I know you realize I am always with you. However we have been working so closely together that it feels strange to you to turn the channel and adjust to another form of communication. Have you noticed how words don't seem to flow as easily between us? You can hear me just fine and you are doing great transcribing what I say but I can see as well as you that there is a lack of cohesiveness to what you are writing. I see you pause to take a breath and I realize that the energy feels denser, more sluggish. The reason for that child, is that for days we have been using a different form of communication. We did not use any of the known "clairs" for this. We used a more primal method, one that very few have used until now. It's a language that has no words. It is a deep knowledge and understanding of what art is.

I can see how tired you are. We have barely scratched the surface of this conversation about art and the language I used to communicate with you. Just know that all the physical "discomforts" you felt were nothing but the presence of those who create art today, yesterday and tomorrow. Go get some rest. We can talk tomorrow.

- Dad

Good morning daughter.

I can see you are more rested and I'm glad. It was quite an intense experience for you. But you were ready for it. You have been preparing for this moment all your life. So let's get back to it.

You want to know if we were communicating using the language of angels. No, this is much older than that. This is the same form of communication that was used to create worlds. Think of the Bible and the verse "in the beginning there was the was the word and that word was God." Words are nothing but movement of energy. As such, words are able to mold and create. Yes I know, I am talking about the Bible but this is one subject humans managed to channel correctly. You will see it has a recurring theme in many other religions. In Eastern religion you would call it the word "om". The point is in the very beginning there was this one sound, this one vibration, a word if you will, that was able to create worlds. It is a sound that still exists. It is used a lot more often than you would think. Although not as frequently in your dimension. Your mom and I have achieved this sound during our lovemaking. You heard it once when mom talked about it. Although the "hearing" is more of a human interpretation. In reality the purest way to experience this is how you did it, with no sound at all. You simply let the energy flow through you, quiet and powerful as you created a world that would bring healing and love.

You wonder why you fell into the 3D family you currently have. Well this was part of

your "planning table". You needed to be born into a family where the artistic DNA

(for lack of a better word) was strong. All your experiences, every single one of them

has led you to being right here, right now. Because Daughter, you are meant to create

and through that bring hope, joy, love and beauty to the world. We shall continue to

work as we have been. And with time and practice you will remember this vibration.

You won't get so tired and have a hard time transitioning back to "words”. Nor will

you experience the "emptiness" as you shift back into your 3D reality. Actually this

will all happen sooner than you think.

For now this is it. You have enough to think about. Let all this sink in and soon we

will talk about art again. Like everything else in your life you need information in small increments. That way it is easily integrated into your reality. Lately your "increments" have gotten larger which is why you experience things like lightheadedness and heat. But this too will integrate into your reality and eventually it will go away. Understand this, you are not a "vessel" for my creativity or anyone else's. You are part of the creative collective. You are easily tapping into the energy that was used by what humans refer to as “the great masters”.

I don’t want you to ever think of your art as belonging to anyone else. It is uniquely yours. It is your vision of the world, your interpretation of what can be and has the power of that language from the beginning of time. We may communicate with you, become one with you as you create but it is still your magic that is being wielded. Don't ever discount the truth in that.

Go: I know you have a busy day ahead of you and I can already see you are wanting to share this with your mom and sister.

I love you and thank you for allowing me to bring the "creative collective" to you.

- Dad

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