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The Year of the Tiger

Updated: Apr 17

She is pure female energy.

She is light and pure;

Dark and sensual.

She holds the power of creation within her. She gives birth to desires, to stories, to love and beauty.

And yet she is fire burning all that is old.

For this is not the year for putrid energy but clear, pure light.

It is a year for the new to emerge: first within us and then without.

The tiger energy protects as we give birth, circling and ready to lunge at any who dare to interfere.The tiger also brings comfort and security as we face that which is vulnerable within


Between the female and tiger energy we can expect to see great changes within our personal lives and with each change there will be a ripple effect which eventually will usher in the energy of a future of love.

Allow the tiger to keep you safe as she helps bring light to all that casts a shadow over you.

It is time to no longer hide.

It is time to shine bright.


What is a portal? It's a gateway into another dimension. There you will be able to meet guides and loved ones, receive special messages, find your true self and receive some healing.

This portal was created to usher in the lunar year of the Tiger. While there, I saw in my mind's eye this beautiful image of Quan Yin and received the message below. I hope you all enjoy the year that is unfolding. I get a feeling it's going to be a great one.

Would you like me to design a Portal to Heaven for you? Just click the button below to set up an appointment.

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