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When it Snows

When it snows, my heart beats a little faster.

When it snows, I can't wait to go outside to listen to the silence.

When it snows, I feel the magic enveloping me.

My soul takes flight with each flake: we twirl, we dance, we touch lives hid, shining hidden in trees, under bushes, in flight.

When it snows I watch the world become full of light, shining light where dark once prevailed.

I feel the warmth in the cold air. I find the love frozen in hearts and I can feel it melting until all that is left behind is the beating of a heart.

When it snows, I go into my heart. I feel the rhythmic beating reminding me that yes, there is still life worth living. In my heart I find hope. I find dreams. I find the fairytale created by each and everyone of us.

When it snows, I search for a portal that gives me access to all that has been left unsaid. I shed words and just allow myself to feel. And in feeling I discover yet another portal.

Could this one be yours?

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